Best Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award


The Industry Studies Association invites submissions for the annual Best Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship award. Winning papers are expected to demonstrate significant personal investment in understanding the markets, firms, and institutions of an industry and will frequently involve the integration of direct observation through field based research with appropriate theory and analysis. The award includes a $500 honorarium for first prize and a $250 honorarium for the runner up.  Papers not chosen as winners will still be considered for inclusion in the regular Industry Studies Association Annual Conference program.

To be considered for the award, each candidate must:

  1. Submit a conference paper proposal 
  2. Complete the Best Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship award nomination form, including attaching a draft of the conference paper
  3. Must register for the conference by early March and commit to attend.  

Failure to fulfill any of these steps will lead to disqualification. The deadline for competition entry is the same as the deadline to submit a conference proposal.

Nomination Form
Past Winners